C 12 D D-Series

12" | 150W


Code: ZJ06376

  • Nominal overall diameter: 12"
  • Magnet material: Ceramic
  • D-Series:
    The D-Series is an innovative speaker line designed for the new generation of Digital, modeling, profiling and IR-based amplifiers. The series is also indicated for acoustic guitar amplification. Not recommended for traditional electric guitar amplifiers.

Sound Features

Extended response on the upper range, to transduce the detail of the digital effects and the harmonic content of a mic'ed guitar cabinet. Directly derived from the traditional guitar speakers, with integrated paper surround, the C12D is able to return the powerful, organic ,warm tone and the character of a classic guitar amplifier, but also the treble content and the complex harmonics of the overdrive , modulation, delay and reverb effects, as well as the crisp, natural tone of amplified acoustic guitar.

SICA Informations

Sica Altoparlanti S.R.L.
60012 Trecastelli (AN)
via Galileo Galilei 20
P.IVA IT 01416980421
REA: AN n.129858
Codice Destinatario: J6URRTW
PEC: sica.altoparlanti@cert.cna.it

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