C 12/50 FA Falcon 12

12" | 50W


Code: ZJ06400

  • Nominal overall diameter: 12"
  • Magnet material: Ceramic
  • Lows: Loose / Fat
  • Mids: Firm
  • Highs: Bright
  • Overdrive: Crunchy
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Sound Features

The Falcon has a new style of secret, magical cone that is designed for optimum tone no matter what kind of music.

Guitarist Description

The Falcon 10" delivers a warm, articulate tone; the lower end is fat but controlled, the midrange is firm and detailed, and the high end shines with a sweet, clear response. In overdrive applications, it offers many different shades of crunchy tones, form singing leads to aggressive power chords, ensuring optimum performances in a variety of music styles.

Bassist Description

Not recommended for bass.

SICA Informations

Sica Altoparlanti S.R.L.
60012 Trecastelli (AN)
via Galileo Galilei 20
P.IVA IT 01416980421
REA: AN n.129858
Codice Destinatario: J6URRTW
PEC: sica.altoparlanti@cert.cna.it

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