N 12/100 TR Stealth Stealth12

12" | 100W


Code: ZJ06312

  • Nominal overall diameter: 12"
  • Magnet material: Neodymium
  • Lows: Loose / Fat
  • Mids: Subdued
  • Highs: Smooth
  • Overdrive: Edgy

Guitarist Description

Add a stylish, sleek bell onto original Tornado Classic 12, to cover the magnet assembly, for an even better looking speaker, for open back cabinets and combo amplifiers: this is the Tornado Stealth 100, with its original, smooth, refined, yet crystal clear tone. One of the most versatile speaker in the family, and one of most successful.

Bassist Description

Not recommended for bass.

SICA Informations

Sica Altoparlanti S.R.L.
60012 Trecastelli (AN)
via Galileo Galilei 20
P.IVA IT 01416980421
REA: AN n.129858
Codice Destinatario: J6URRTW
PEC: sica.altoparlanti@cert.cna.it

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