Two brands, one passion: great sound

The time has passed for relying on amateurs. Refer to SICA's experienced sound designers!.

Traveling through time to the rhythm of rock'n'roll, we built Jensen's future keeping its past alive.


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Our strenghts, a certainty for you


Our background speaks clear: every move we made over the years has been inspired by music. A passion that served as engine for the entire SICA machine.


We always keep an eye out for staff and customers, who help us to gain experience in research and development. End user satisfaction comes from this collaboration loop.


Technological progress is the key-element of our Research&Development department, not only to create new and better solutions but also to improve the existing ones.


The excellent quality of all loudspeakers is guaranteed by strict controls over raw materials, entire production cycle and finished products (acoustic performance and outward appearance).


Throughout the entire production process, all key parameters are inspected and tested by our Sound Engineers. We also use a sophisticated data filing system to handle products traceability.


The love profusion for our land (Marche region, the cradle of musical instruments) is immeasurable. That's why we pay attention to the observance of environmental requirements.


SICA doesn’t never refer to itself by using the first-person singular. We always use the plural form. Our design and production processes are strictly connected with each other. Each single phase, from R&D to packaging, is highly relevant to guarantee the best result.

A family is often a composition of opposites. That’s why we apply equally mind and hand.
Manufacturing process involves voice coil, magnet circuit and leadwire assembly as well as woofer and compression driver production. Both input and output quality checks as well as automatic and manual tests occur with the same care.

Let us create your custom loudspeaker!

Sica offers a wide range of high-quality materials, unlimited options, characteristic functions, different sizes and multi-colored components. The choice of how to combine them is yours. You can have every mixture you wish. Just take the right measures, choose the right features and the product will materialize in very short time...sounding really good!

  • classical manual labor

    We combine classical and manual labor with the most cutting-edge techniques and innovative technologies.

  • Musically inclined

    Professional audio engineers and musicians are always available to recommend what fits best to you.

  • Physical test

    All driver components must pass a physical test before being assembled.

  • Basically, a style-work

    The final audio product has basically something down to a fine art.

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